We have Lift Off! Are you ready for #Lift13?

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 8.31.15 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 8.50.33 PM#Lift13 one of Europe’s leading technology and innovation events exploring the business- and social implications of digital technologies will kick off tomorrow in the heart of Geneva. A three day event packed with great speakers, thought provoking workshops, startup competitions and of course great networking opportunities.

The series was founded in 2006 by Laurent Haug a well known face within the Swiss tech circuit and beyond, who has a passion for innovation and new technologies that have an impact on society and business. An Entrepreneur (coComment, Lift conference, Lift lab), lecturer (HEC University of Lausanne), writer (Wired UK, Techcrunch, Le Temps) and speaker.

He was twice honored as one of the most influential people in Switzerland (L’Hebdo in 2006, Bilan in 2011), won a Swiss ICT award, and was named one of the top 20 Swiss young entrepreneurs in 2011.

He now works as an innovation strategist with CEOs and boards, helping them answer the challenges raised by the growing importance of digital technologies working with clients like Lindt, Nespresso, Leroy Merlin, LeShop, banks, Cimark, WDHB and more.

This is my first year attending the Lift event, so I’m very much looking forward to catching the diverse mix of talks, interacting in the workshops, but more importantly for me the opportunity to network. Its an opportunity to easily network with some of the most creative and innovative people within the tech space today, whether that is for commercial gain, academic endeavors or humanitarian applications within large organisations or tiny startups.

Like most self confessed geeks, I’ll be leveraging a selection of gadgets and gizmos throughout the event to capture my thoughts and keep pace with interesting people that I meet throughout the event.

Today I’m mainly an io6 guy, so will be depending on my iPhone 4s and iPad to help me keep up with everything as the event unfolds, except of course for native ios maps, I’ll not be depending that to help me find the event (sorry I couldn’t resist it)

So here goes, my list is far from exhaustive and I’m interested to hear about what other apps people attending the event will be leveraging to capture the magic as it unfolds over the next three days.

Apps: (in no particular order)

  • Livestream – To follow the livestream realtime broadcast for the event
  • Linkedin – For researching connections, making connections)
  • Instagram – to post images then post to Tumblr, Twitter, Google+,  facebook & Flikr
  • 360Panorama – To look stupid while everyone watches me try to take 360 panoramic shots at the event.
  • Mobino – Seemingly this is how you pay for things like coffees at the event, plus they gave me CHF10 free credit
  • Twitter – Micro blogging
  • Evernote – Note (image/text) capture, indexing and easy retrieval
  • Copy2Contact – Because I’m too lazy to re-type contact signatures from email footers
  • CardMunch (Aquired by Linkedin) – Simply take a snap of a business card and let crowdsourcing do the rest, copy it into your contacts then map it to Linkedin.
  • Shhmooze – Hady way to keeo track of and interact with people at the event
  • Sonor – To tell me who’s nearby from my twitter lists, including those attending #Lift13 and I then have it set to ignore everyone else
  • Ban.jo – Similiar to Sonor, pros and cons with both apps, essentially they automate the discovery of people I either want to or should be meeting at the event.
  • TextExpander – For short codes e.g. tyftc = “Thanks for the connection!”
  • Astrid – For quick voice 2 text to do lists and follow up items for after the event
  • CrunchMap – researching startups
  • Asana – CRM
  • DropBox – For file capture and file sharing
  • TweerDeck – To easily follow the #Lift13 hash tag as Twitter app useless for this
  • Skype – Quick catch ups with folks in and out of the conference by voice and video
  • Viber – to talk to the missus who’s back in Dublin at the moment
  • Scandit – for QRCodes link triggers
  • New QR Code Simple – I switched to QR Code Simple as Scandit was not displaying all fields in QR vCards and this app also easily updates your iphone contacts
  • New QR Code Generator – Use this to create your QR Vcard then download into your camera roll for easy contact sharing at the event
  • Flashlight – Just in case we have a power outage halfway through like at the superbowl
  • SwissSnow – To keep track of where to go skiing on the weekend

That’s my list, what’s yours? If you’re attending #Lift13 might see you there, enjoy!

2 thoughts on “We have Lift Off! Are you ready for #Lift13?

  1. Nice list: I’ll be coming with the same devices, therefore it comes in particularly handy. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow…

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