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cslogo75 (Status: Board and Co-Founder)

ChannelSight is an Irish cloud based technology startup focused on providing a global solution of automated insights for brands and their channel partners for a range of business challenges, then driving the resulting actions where required across their various digital channels.

Brands increase Internet sales with ChannelSight by enabling online shoppers to quickly and easily find their products without distraction at authorised retailers’ eCommerce websites, in order to complete their purchase instantly.

Where can “Buy-it-now” buttons be used?
• Product Pages • Email Campaigns • Mobile Apps • Desktop Applications • Social Media • Product Videos • Display Advertising • Product Reviews • Support Pages • E-books/E-zines • Blog Posts

Categories we cover
• Video Games • FMCG • Fashion • Sports • Luxury • Consumer Electronics • White Goods • Office Supplies • Software

Regions ChannelSight operates in
• North America • Latin America • Middle East & Africa • Europe • ASIA Pacific

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 9.56.49 PM (Status: Informal Adviser 2012 – 2013)

“Niall has a deeply intuitive understanding of the tech space from a business perspective. He quickly gains an understanding of any technology you put in front of him and I’ve found his advice, connections and feedback invaluable” November 6, 2012 Martina Skelly, Co-Founder, YellowSchedule

Problem YellowSchedule solves?
Cheaper than phone or letter reminders. Reduces no shows on average by 30%.

Who uses YellowSchedule?
Dentists, Doctors, Consultants, Sports Coaches, Beauty Salons, Hairdressers, Physiotherapists, Therapists or anyone in a consulting/service based role will benefit from YellowSchedule.

How does YellowSchedule work?
You set your own reminder intervals and automatic appointment reminders are despatched to your contacts to remind them of appointments. YellowSchedule’s intelligent system invites your contacts to respond to texts and mails with a simple Yes/No response. That information is then filtered back to your YellowSchedule Calendar. (Status: Informal Adviser 2012 – 2013)

“Niall has an excellent ability to quickly grasp new concept propositions, and provide practical and meaningful direction in terms of commercialisation and development opportunities.” November 6, 2012 Niall O’ConnorManaging Director, SonorPlex

SonorPlex is a new product R&D venture, focusing on merging audio-visual applications with “smart” devices and online services.

The initial product range will deliver an enhanced learning and interactive experience for delegates at conferences and events. SonorPlex uses a cloud based system to unify these services, creating a knowledge repository for clients to store and manage and access conference content and data.

There are a number of additional application settings, including, educational environments, public spaces and assistive listening technology. SonorPlex is an Enterprise Ireland supported venture.