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Informal adviser to Swiss Technology Start-ups

  • Value Proposition
  • Business Model
  • Competition
  • Technologies
  • Partnerships
  • Operations
  • Strategy (Status: Informal Adviser 2012 – 2013)

Reziew is a young dynamic early stage Swiss start up focused on helping you collect, manage, syndicate and benefit from customer reviews throughout a wide range of situations across all of your web and mobile properties.

• Full-featured review system
• Inline replies
• SEO benefits
• Customizable CSS
• Inline Media
• Custom post purchase emails
• Multi-Platform landing pages
• Social referrals
• QR codes – short urls
• Moderation Backend
• Quick moderation
• Customizable forms (Status: Informal Adviser 2012 – 2013)

“Niall is a very concrete and hands-on adviser. He’s a bit like a smart phone… when you get it you wonder if it will be useful; once you have experienced it you don’t know how you can live without it. Seriously, Niall is great as startup advisor. I recommend him wholeheartedly.” November 20, 2012 Lammert VrielingCEO/co-founder, interAnalytics

Interanalytics is a Swiss start-up which focusses on interaction mining using cutting edge language technology.

Customer Interaction. At InterAnalytics we focus on customer interaction analytics. We believe there is a significant amount of business intelligence that remains hidden with current approaches. This is because the actual customer interaction remains un-analyzed.

Customers are constantly – 24/7 – interacting with you and about you through contact center and social media. In this growing mountain of interaction data, your customer’s experience and your reputation is hidden: quite literally! Examples of this are Dell-hell and more recently Vodafail in Australia.

InterAnalytics iA360˚ is real interaction analytics which truly understands human, conversational interaction through a proprietary NLU system (Natural Language Understanding). With iA360˚ customer satisfaction can be reliably predicted by automatically analyzing all conversations capturing customers satisfaction and dissatisfaction in near real time and also providing agents (the workforce) the tools and motivation to self-evaluate and self-train.

interaction analytics, competitive intelligence, natural language understanding, interaction mining